Located in Sydney’s Thai Town, Capital Thai is a comfortable restaurant for family meals and group events. Their kitchen dishes up traditional favourites like Massaman Curry and Pad Kee Mao, while also re-creating street food hailing from local Thai cities. The highlight for us however, was their buffet option.

Mookata is 2 in 1

For $38.80, we enjoyed a traditional style of Thai cooking called “Mookata”. Sometimes known as Mu Kratha, this involved cooking our own food on a table-top device resembling a grill and a hotpot. The meat is typically cooked on the dome-shaped grill (oiled up with a piece of pork fat). The vegetables are cooked in the surrouding moat of soup. Think of Korean BBQ and Chinese hotpot, 2 in 1!

Elegant Thai restaurant in Sydney Haymarket

The layout of Capital Thai is spacious and welcoming. It’s no wonder that since its opening in 2003, the restaurant has become a pre-show dining hotspot for visitors to the next-door Capitol Theatre. There is even a dedicated Theatre Menu.

The bar shakes up a variety of cocktails in addition to a long Drinks list, which adds to the warm ambience of a venue serving ‘Land of Smiles’ cuisine. On the Wednesday afternoon we visited on, we found Capital Thai buzzing with conversation in Thai and English.

All-you-can-eat buffet

We enjoyed Mookata all the more because of the variety of ingredients available to cook by ourselves. Everytime we wanted more, we simply revisited the self-service section to refill our plates with meat, seafood and vegetables. Cooked food is also available, along with Thai desserts like Coconut Milk with Glutinous Rice Balls

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