Sydney-based lifestyle and food blogger Jennifer Tang takes us to UCHILOUNGE, a cozy Japanese restaurant near Wynyard Station, Sydney. 

Jennifer describes eloquently her experience, where she tastes Mixed Sashimi Carpaccio, Green Tea Smoked Duck Breast, Grilled Miso Eggplant, and Organic Tender Beef Rib Ramen.

We love that much of the food at UCHILOUNGE is organic, and Jennifer’s expressions make us keen to say “itadakimasu”!

Sushi Train Maroubra

Annie Ren is a Sydney-based content creator with a catchy style and eye for mouthwatering detail. Using her iPhone 13 Pro, we love going on food adventures with her.

In this video Annie went to Sushi Train Maroubra, a Japanese seafood restaurant in Sydney’s Eastern suburb of Maroubra. With music from the South Korean group NewJeans, we salivate at the sushi sets on offer. 

Discovering Brand new eats

If you stitch together the last 3 words in the title above, “Brandneweats” is the username that Brandon, a Vietnamese-Australian foodie, goes by.

We love watching Brandon’s engaging style of video production, where his voiceover speaks to the audience in a friendly and exciting way.

On this adventure, we are taken to Matsusaka Backstreet, a hidden gem Japanese yakiniku restaurant in Haymarket, Sydney. The marbled cuts of Wagyu beef that Brandon tries are making us so hungry! Seeing the fun that the group of friends are having ordering buffet-style from the touchscreen, we want to plan a dinner outing too.

Credit: brandneweats

Buffet at Nikaido Mascot

We’re a fan of the way that Sydneyummy portrays food in her videos. It’s clear, tantalising and colourful.

We’re brought to Nikaido Mascot in this video, where Sydneyummy challenges us to an important question: how much Japanese food can you eat in under 100 minutes?

If it was at Nikaido Mascot, then our answer would probably be “A LOT”. The cuisine, especially the Wagyu ramen, looks delicious! We’re loving how the steaming broth is poured out of a tea pot. The sushi and sashimi also look delicious, and the fact that they can be ordered LIMITLESSLY?! Take us there now.

Credit: Sydneyummy

Fine dining at Carte Glebe

Chloe Sue is a lifestyle and food blogger who is based in Sydney and originally from China. Her style of video is elegant and often accompanied with lyrical musical choices.

In this food trip Chloe brings us to Carte, a fine dining restaurant in Sydney’s inner-west suburb of Glebe. The dishes are served over 10 courses, with a presentation quality that is simply stunning.

In a series of short clips, Chloe shows us the artful interior of Carte, its serving of French-influenced cuisine, and an exquisite choice of drink towards the end.

Credit: Chloesueee