Ramen at Hakata Gensuke

If you have been around Town Hall station in Sydney lately, you will have noticed that a gleaming new Japanese restaurant has replaced the space that was previously occupied by Chefs Gallery. Hakata Gensuke is a world-famous ramen brand, specialising in tonkotsu (pork bone) broth. 

Their Sydney branch was deliciously introduced by Oshi, a foodie based in Sydney who also has a presence on TikTok. She shares that, in Australia, Hakata Gensuke is famous in Melbourne where a particularly popular shop is on 168 Russell St, CBD. 

Credit: oshiieats

Indonesian food at Enjoy Mie

Indonesian cuisine proves that noodles don’t necessarily need to be bathed in soup to taste delicious. Dishes like Siantar Noodle (ft. BBQ pork, soy egg & pork wonton) and Garlic Mushroom Chicken Noodle are enjoyed by regulars at Enjoy Mie.

As introduced by Yoyo, Enjoy Mie has a restaurant in Sydney CBD’s Sussex St. We’re a fan of Yoyo’s friendly voiceover, which makes us feel right there with her. There are a couple of key takeaways from the video: the Bakmi Goreng is a must-try, the noodles are bouncy, and the Ice Cendol drink looks super refreshing!

Credit: yoyoeatsss

Rumble Ramen at The Star

Masterfoodsampler, a.k.a Annie Ren, shares her visit to the restaurant that has replaced Mashi no Mashi at Sydney’s biggest casino, The Star. Rumble Ramen also serves ramen and by the looks of it, in a similar style to its space’s previous occupant.

In her customary zippy-style and accompanied by a catchy choice of music (“Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun), Annie masterfully samples thick-cut noodles and juicy cuts of Wagyu beef. We’re impressed by how big the bowl looks, and the clear dark broth looks absolutely relishing.

If your stomach is still rumbling, those pan-fried gyoza look too good to resist.

8 Sydney restaurants perfect during colder weather

Michelle is a Sydney-based blogger who shares her thoughts on the best places to eat & drink, as well as cool activities to do. Her videos of experiences in Australia’s busiest coastal city are informative, especially if you’re new to Sydney and keen to check-out a local’s recommendations.

In this Instagram Reel, Michelle (a.k.a feastonit_) introduces soups in Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Japanese styles that are perfect for chilly nights. The soups are from restaurants in different suburbs, including Pho Viet Xua 1919 in Marrickville, Bornga in Haymarket, Hoshiya Japanese in Waterloo. 

While visiting these destinations on Michelle’s list, a new Sydney-sider can also see different sides to the city, from the bustling shopping scene in Burwood to the calmer, university-student area of Waterloo.  

Credit: feastonit_