Navigating the world of Japanese dining can take some degree of prior knowledge. As Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. In the case of appreciating sushi, we think that with greater knowledge comes greater pleasure. We encourage you to tap on and hold (or hover your mouse over) our image icons to get to know the fish behind each blissful mouthful.

Wide selection of sushi delivered via conveyor belt

Sushi Hotaru is a friendly Japanese food haven with infusions of Korean flavours. The venue is expansive, with a lengthy gallery of seating on the first floor of The Galeries. If you visit at lunch or dinner time, you can expect to wait at least a few minutes for a seat. It’s in a family-friendly location with the bookstore Kinokuniya on the level above and Town Hall train station just a blink of an eye away.

A sleek restaurant in The Galeries shopping centre

The variety of sashimi, nigiri (ball of rice topped with piece of fish), gunkan (rice wrapped with seaweed and topped with chopped up fish) and hand rolls available to order is mouthwatering. Fancy a bite of Seared Scallop nigiri? How about a Kingfish Marinade salad gunkan. Each seat connects to its own touchscreen, where you can see pictures of each plate and the main ingredient used. 

Wondering what Salmon Roe Gunkan or Scampi sashimi (raw prawn) might taste like? The touchscreen provides a teaser, with the rest of the adventure (or leap of faith) yours to embark on. For our visit, each plate was pleasurable. It’s exciting to anticipate what the fish might taste like after previewing it on the touchscreen! For a price of $4.20 per plate (applies to most plates), we think it won’t break the bank either.

Easy Japanese dining in central Sydney

Sushi Hotaru is a restaurant with a diverse menu and bustling ambience. You will often see a mixture of family, office workers, travellers and students there. It’s an efficient and tasty option for lunch and dinner in Town Hall. 

Locate Sushi Hotaru (Sydney CBD)

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