There is a youthful energy and cheekiness to the way Alex Lo runs his kitchen. The owner of Infusion On The Bay knows well how to cook scrumptious cuisine. Having worked for international luxury hotels, Alex could lay a table with beautiful recipes memorised from years of catering for discerning diners. With a restless mind for creativity though, Alex isn’t one to cook by the book. 

Coffee, lunch, and Chinese food in Rose Bay

There is a feeling of familiarity in the simple and relaxed bistro-style setting of Infusion. Food bustles out of a corner kitchen whilst drinks are served in a bar stretching prominently across the open-plan floor.

What looks peaceful and quiet on the outside is completely contrasted behind-the-scenes. Alex’s team is family, and family means an endearing, organised sort of chaos. In equal parts, laughter and intense Cantonese swearing can be heard from the kitchen. Doris (daughter), Ray (son) and Matt (son) are as passionate as their father, which means that sparks can fly in a way that produces dishes that are the best possible. Just ask the customers who keep coming back. 

Let's talk about the location

Infusion is located in Club Rose Bay, a small RSL Club in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The menu is a combination of modern Australian and Chinese cuisine. For lunch, you can enjoy a savoury Laksa noodle soup, chow down on a juicy burger, or inhale a plate of aromatic fried rice. At dinner-time, you’d best visit with a mate or twenty. The more people, the wider the selection of dishes you can try. The sizzling plates are mouthwatering, with each piece of Mongolian Lamb or Fillet Steak a bite into bliss.

Catering for your celebratory event

Club Rose Bay presents an opportunity to enjoy the water, the sun, and serene views. Before you visit (or after, depending on how much you’ve ordered at Infusion), you will want to walk around and appreciate the family-friendly vibes and peacefulness of the cosy marina.

For large events, the second level of Infusion houses a spacious balcony, platform and events hall. Furnished with comfortable chairs, couches and standing tables, it inspires planning for weddings, corporate celebrations and birthday parties. A view expanding over the waters of Rose Bay will accompany your festivities.

Relax, grab a drink and chat

Being happy at Club Rose Bay is easy. Coffee, lunch and dinner options are taken care of at Infusion, whilst alcoholic beverages are shaken up at the bar. The wide-screen television, couches, arcade machines, and books are amenities which could make any day pass by with pleasure. One suggestion from us? Grab a bite to eat and a drink to mingle before you head out into the city for your big night out.

Locate Infusion On The Bay

We thank the team at Infusion On The Bay for providing us food free of charge.

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