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A hungry kind of excitement always would follow whenever mum announced that she was making spaghetti. Grabbing the plates, setting the cutlery and preparing the family table for dinner, Italian cuisine was everyone’s favourite.  

An unmissable location close to Chatswood Chase shopping centre

From the brand’s beginnings in its Beverly Hills location in 2011, Spago has expanded its presence to Barangaroo, Chatswood, Darling Square and Warringah Mall. The owner, award-winning chef Eddie Leung, is passionate about nurturing family-friendly, conversational dining spaces. 

Each Spago restaurant is a casual concept with a tone of classy elegance. Fresh pasta is hand made in-house, using Australian durum wheat flour. In Italian, spago means “string”, and we were definitely intrigued by the strings of spaghetti waiting to be cooked. 

Welcomed with warmth akin to family

Opening its Chatswood restaurant in 2018, Spago has become a space reflective of the diverse community in the suburb. Residents are fond of the comfortable space, where staff treat you like friends and the menu serves a variety of options.

The food is served in an authentic Italian style, separated by categories including antipasti (first course), fresh pasta, risotto, secondi (meats), contorni (side dishes) and dolci (sweets).   

Open all day serving brunch, dinner and drinks

The charm of Spago Chatswood is also in their curated drinks menu. As is customary in hearty Italian dining, wine accompanies your enjoyment of the food. There is a selection of red and white wine that the team are happy to recommend so that the combination with your seafood pasta or steak is delizioso. Don’t miss the cocktail section!

In its Chatswood restaurant, Spago doesn’t do much by way of beautiful and expressive decorations. Rather, it lets its food, drinks and family-friendly ambience do the talking. Stopping by for lunch or dinner, it’s a treat to relax your day. 

Locate Spago (Chatswood)

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We thank the team at Spago Chatswood for providing us food free of charge.

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