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In Chinese culture, the colour red is commonly considered as auspicious. That’s why you will see red in traditional dresses, New Year money packets, festive lion dances, and many other celebratory occasions. Symbolising joy, vitality and happiness, the colour is associated with the fire (火) element. With the mythical phoenix also connected to fire, we found the restaurant’s name and branding particularly poetic.

Located in East Village Shopping Centre

From its glowing entrance to its polished furnishings, red imagery recurs throughout the vast interior of East Phoenix. Vitality is not only symbolised, but demonstrated by the service of the eager trolley ladies. Wheeling dim sum specials and a la carte options past tables of curious diners, they would enthusiastically share what was on offer.

Get your dim sum cravings satisfied

If you have a soft spot for yum cha, East Phoenix is a comfortable place to try Cantonese cuisine. Served in their traditional bamboo steamers, well-known favourites are available, including siu mai (open dumpling), har gow (prawn dumpling), and char siu bao (BBQ pork bun). We recommend trying lesser-ventured dishes too! Sinn Juk Guen (bean curd rolls), Fung Zao (steamed chicken feet), and cow stomach are savoury delights. 

For sweeter options, you can try their mango pancakes. These are creamy, pillowy, and filled with glorious chunks of fruit. For a more liquid dessert, mango sai mai lo (coconut sago with mango) is refreshing and kid-friendly.

Perfect for a weekend outing with family and friends

If you are looking for spaces to host an event, East Phoenix can accomodate small to large groups. Their banquet rooms are elegantly decorated with chandeliers, widescreen televisions and plush seating. There are also parts of the Chinese restaurant which can be partitioned off to celebrate your party, celebration, and corporate function.

Locate East Phoenix Chinese Restaurant (Zetland)

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We thank the team at East Phoenix for providing us food free of charge.

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