With one of the highest population densities in a city already known for its urban lifestyle, it is no wonder that Kowloon is a culturally vibrant part of Hong Kong. Once a separate city, it is now a district flourishing with shopping, arts and entertainment options. There is a new place for dinner in Sydney that transports you to “Gau Lung” (Cantonese for “Kowloon”).

A theme that reminds fondly of traditional lifestyle

The mini-bus which has been re-purposed as a drinks bar travelled all the way from Hong Kong. No kidding. Taken apart into six pieces, it was not an easy task to transport what the Cantonese affectionately call a “siu ba” (small bus) into Sydney. But that’s just one part of the efforts that Kowloon Cafe’s team made. Their goal, to replicate the feeling of being in traditional neighbourhoods like Sham Shui Po and Tsim Sha Tsui, is achieved through stylistically re-using street signs, coca-cola crates and  shop-fronts.

Re-creating an old town vibe

If you’ve lived in Hong Kong, you won’t forget the state of constant activity that everyone from children to grandparents are in. Crossing the traffic lights (which are literally in the Burwood restaurant) and enjoying an afternoon tea set may be the only peace and quiet many Hongkongers experience during their day. Locals living in Sydney’s Inner West will be glad to have a new comfortable space to enjoy lunch.

Spam and Egg Noodles with French toast

Burwood is home to many eateries modelled after their home cuisine in taste and decor, with Burwood Chinatown being a vibrant example. The folks at Kowloon Cafe serve a simple-to-digest (pun intended) menu of favourites, including Crispy Butter Pineapple Buns, Tomato Pork Chop Baked Rice and Satay Beef Soup with Macaroni.

Locate Kowloon Cafe Burwood

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