Before you step into Rhodes Central’s new Cantonese restaurant, you might want to make a mental note that you are still in Sydney. Hong Kong Street Food is so masterful in its interior decoration that you might as well pull an early Halloween trick on your Instagram followers. Geo-tag your location and announce: “Great to be back in Hong Kong!”.  

A memorably-designed Hong Kong restaurant in Sydney

If you have ever visited Hong Kong, you will appreciate the level of detail presented. The signboards of classic brands like mannings and Giordano hang from the ceiling in likeness to the neon-lit shopping streets of Mong Kok. At the front of the restaurant, the stools, round tables and Chinese character-emblazoned entrances resemble nostalgic Dai Pai Dong street food stalls. Towards the back of the restaurant, the portrayal of Mong Kok MTR station is uncanny.

Authentic Cantonese food by locals

Creating the imagery of eating in Hong Kong is one thing, fulfilling the expectation of authentic taste is another. Hong Kong Street Food is run by Cantonese locals who know what dishes are supposed to taste like back home. Their menu is, in typical Cha Chaan Teng (Hong Kong-style cafe) fashion, full of affordable comfort food. You can order noodles, rice, congee and more local favourites a la carte, or in handy “afternoon tea” set menus.

Enjoy Lunch or Dinner in Rhodes

Hong Kong Street Food is a wonderful addition to the already mouthwatering collection of Asian eateries in Rhodes Central. You can find the restaurant on the 2nd floor next to the escalators, above the Bamboo Lane enclave of eateries.

Locate Hong Kong Street Food

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