A few seconds

is the length of time which you should swish your thinly sliced piece of beef for. You don’t want it in the broth for too long, otherwise it will overcook and become tough.

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese-style hot pot meal. The name literally imitates the sound made when you cook. It consists of two large plates of raw meat and vegetables. Using chopsticks, each piece is picked up and “swish-swished” (or shabu-shabu’d) through konbu (kelp) broth.

After it’s cooked in the hot pot, you dip the pieces into sauces including sesame, ponzu, or a whipped bowl of egg yolk.

Shabu-shabu is a meal enjoyed communally. Together with sukiyaki (another style of Japanese hot pot), it’s a delicious option for colder days. These pictures were taken at Masuya Suisan, a restaurant in Sydney, NSW, Australia.