Walking down Albany St in St Leonards, you might have passed right by a newly opened place called Take Us Away if it wasn’t for a lingering curiosity – why is it called that? You look inside to search for clues when a smiling, apron-wearing guy introduces himself as Michael Pha.   

This cafe is more than meets the eye

The story of how we got to know this modern Australian cafe continues as Michael shares more. The concept behind Take Us Away is to make healthy and scrumptious meals accessible and affordable. Takeaway does not need to be bad for you!

Growing up in a Cambodian household, Michael was frequently curious about other cuisines. Combining this with a passion for cooking, he would try to recreate the dishes. If the taste wasn’t right, Michael would simply try again and again and again, ad infinitum.

Restaurant-quality take away meals

Michael’s determination shines through in his kitchen. Presenting dishes that are healthy and vastly flavourful, we admire his menu’s cuisine influences. There is the Prawn Linguine for an Italian meal, Chicken Green Curry for Thai enthusiasts, Smoked Pork Belly with Korean influence, and of course Cambodian Beef Skewers in a nod to his family’s heritage.     

Diverse and multicultural menu

The kitchen of Take Us Away doesn’t seem to know any bounds when it comes to culinary exploration. There are also Vietnamese, Middle Eastern and Taiwanese dishes served, which you can salivate over on this menu. Did we mention that they also serve coffee?

Particularly suiting the time-short, young-professional demographic of St Leonards, we appreciate the cafe’s concept. You can dine in comfortably, or Take Us Away. Delicious food is served swiftly, without sacrificing the quality of ingredient or care of cooking involved. Healthy food at a reasonable price seems the perfect offering for those with busy lifestyles or growing families.   

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