On the bottom floor of Regent Place Shopping Centre, the open kitchen of Edomae Sushi Yokocho can be found humming with calm but determined energy. The kind of energy that knows it must create delicious sushi whilst anticipating a never-ending list of orders. Such is the popularity of Edomae Sushi that there is almost-always a queue of hungry diners waiting to be seated.  

Japanese sushi train in Regent Place

The Edo Period took place in Japanese history between 1603 and 1867. It was during this time when, alongside economic growth and an increasing appreciation of the arts, a unique type of sushi was born. Named “Haya-Zushi” (fast sushi), it encompassed a style of making sushi that allowed rice and fish to be eaten at the same time. 

Right from its name, Edomae Sushi Yokocho seeks to pay homage to the way sushi was enjoyed during the earlier centuries. “Edo” is the name for old Tokyo, where a busy and more business-oriented population valued fast meals. 

Sashimi that melts in your mouth

From the origins of the fast Haya-Zushi method of making sushi came “Nigiri-zushi”, which is what we commonly read as just “Nigiri” today. Involving a portion of raw fish and a small palm-full of rice, this is the type that Edomae Sushi makes to a high standard. You can view their online menu here.

Whilst seated, it is fascinating to watch their chefs prepare. The firm grasping of the rice to mould it into an oval ball, followed by the adhering of a delicate piece of fish. Although an entirely different experience, it brings us back to memories at Sushi Oe.

Convenient for solo dining in Sydney CBD

There isn’t a lot of space inside Edomae Sushi, which adds to the intimacy of the dining experience. If you take the time to watch, you can see your sushi being prepared right from when you order it on your personal touch-screen menu.

Whilst each plate is a little more expensive than what can be found in other sushi trains in Sydney’s CBD, the quality of Edomae Sushi Yokocho is evident in its presentation, ingredients and dining experience.

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