har gow with prawn stuffing

Joyful House serves authentic Chinese food in Hornsby

With many big families living in the peaceful suburbs of Sydney’s North Shore, Chinese food in Hornsby is a cuisine much sought after. What better food exists to feed your children, your partner or your relatives, than Chinese food delivery? Travelling to Hornsby, there is one particular restaurant that makes fried rice in Sydney in a way that comforts you with warmth and familiarity. Situated right outside Hornsby’s Westfield Shopping Centre, Joyful House is exactly as its name entails: a place for eating and joyous chatting. Garry, a Tastyfoodpixels food-lover, reviews.

Chinese Food in Sydney's North

Say the phrase Yum Cha and you will get recognition from people in Sydney’s Northern suburbs. They know that it means steaming bamboo pots of delicious dumplings filled with prawn and pork. They know the typical yum cha dishes. There are many others that are yet-to-be discovered! Char Siu Bao, the fluffy bun with savoury barbeque pork bundled inside, may be one that you have tried. But what about Cheong FunThis consists of soft rice paper wrapping around vegetables or meat, then coated with brown soy sauce. Or Ham Sui Gok? These are fried dumplings stuffed with minced meat and vegetables. The skin is glutinous, sweet and addictively chewy.

Asian restaurant in Hornsby

In suburbs like Chatswood, Gordon and St Ives, there are Asian restaurants serving Korean, Chinese and Japanese food. For Chinese food in Sydney’s North, and I mean very North (in Hornsby), you will find Joyful House. They are a family-owned eatery specialising in yum cha and Chinese à la carte. Situated right outside Westfield Shopping Centre, you won’t have to walk far after your shopping experience.

As you enter, you’ll notice Joyful House’s strong attention to oriental traditional decoration. True to its service of authentic Chinese food in Hornsby, there is a tasteful use of wood and decorative arches. Furthermore, red is a used throughout the restaurant in homage to Chinese superstitious preference for the colour. Overall, it feels like you’re in a Chinese dining house. 

Group dinner in Sydney's Upper North Shore

More than a place for friendly dinners, Joyful House should also feature in your list of restaurant party venues. There is plenty of space inside, with big and small tables catering for festive occasions and corporate functions. Joyful House also has its outdoor tables, which overlooks the pleasant scenery of Hornsby’s community grounds. 

What are some dishes to try? I mentioned classic dishes such as Har Gow and Char Siu Bow before, but there are also traditional Cantonese dishes available. These dishes showcase Joyful House’s ability to cater to both Western and Chinese taste-buds, serving up a delightful fusion of cross-cultural flavours. The Pipi with XO chilli sauce and fried vermicelli is a must-try. The Sizzling King Prawns with Garlic or Fish sauce is also a delicious option. Joyful House not only serves fried rice in Sydney, or classic Chinese food delivery options, but an array of seafood à la carte dishes which tempt your imagination.