Universal Burger Co and its Korean Burger

Universal Burger Co serves satisfying fast food in Auburn

Craving a burger?

There are many burger places in Sydney. But a restaurant that seemingly has burger varieties from around the world? You would be hard-pressed to find one. Unless you’re in Auburn. In that case, you’ll want to check-out Universal Burger Co. This place has comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, and a menu that tempts your imagination. Garry, a resident Tastyfoodpixels foodie, visited the fast food joint one day.

Your wonderland of fast food

Universal Burger Co is snugly fit in a complex of entertainment and shopping outlets in 100 Parramatta Road. Its surrounding is peaceful, with lots of parking space, outdoor seating and family-friendly vibes. As if to tempt the visitor, Reading Cinemas is also conveniently located next to the restaurant. Now who could resist a delicious fast food meal followed by an action-packed movie? 

Upon looking at the menu at Universal Burger Co, it is difficult to not order everything in sight. All the names are equally tempting, with an ingredient description that pickles your palate. There is enough variety of burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, fries and smoothies available to satisfy you and a family of fifty.  

An action-packed theme

As action-packed as the menu is, the decoration of Universal Burger Co is just as eye-catching. There are big billboards which greet your entry, with exciting graphics that ordain the exterior and interior of the restaurant. I felt like I was walking into a popular American fast food chain. 

But Universal Burger Co is unique in its idea and theme. It couples a love for film culture with a wanderlust for travel. I especially loved the wall pictures of action-movie heroes which kept me staring in admiration. There is also a map at the top level of the restaurant, outlining different countries in the world from which the menu has drawn inspiration from. This was lovely, as it showed Universal Burger’s aspirations to serve a truly international palate of flavours.

Variety of flavours inspired by different countries

Korean, Indian, Mexican, American, Japanese and Greek are some of the influences that we noticed from our feast, as well as the item names on the menu. If we had a larger stomach, we would try more. Names like “Korean Burger”, “Tempura Fish Roll”, “Curry Wurst and “Philly Cheese Steak Roll” showed Universal’s versatility in cooking inter-cultural food. Seriously, I hadn’t heard “curry wurst” since my last travels in Germany!

Biting into the food I ordered, I found the taste to be rich in flavour. The chicken buffalo wings were marinated deliciously in signature spicy and sour sauce. The Kingston Premium Burger had a juicy tenderness to its patty, with a delicious tang contributed by a mixture of Jamaican-spiced pineapple and pickle. The Philly Cheese Steak Roll was something straight from a classic American TV show, and this excited me as I hadn’t seen something similar in Sydney before. Our refreshingly sweet smoothies washed down the savouriness of the food after.