Jackpot Hotpot - Sydney Haymarket - soup and meat plate

Craving Hotpot in Sydney? Jackpot Hotpot brings Macau to Darling Square

Tumbalong Boulevard in Sydney’s Darling Harbour region just doesn’t cease to impress with its variety of eateries. Situated close to Paddy’s Markets is the casino-themed restaurant, Jackpot Hotpot. The word casino may conjure immediate thoughts of Macau, the heart of gambling in Asia. This restaurant pays homage to this in spades (excuse the pun). Jackpot Hotpot, situated at 63 Tumbalong Boulevard, is an intriguing spot for food in Darling Square. 

Premium hotpot in Sydney CBD

You’ll notice the entertaining interior from the moment you see Jackpot Hotpot, even from the outside. The rooms are outfitted to look like real casino rooms, with cutlery resembling items you’d find on a poker table. The walls are adorned with decorations that mimic Macau’s streets. The restaurant looks slick and polished, more so than other hotpot in Sydney CBD options. There are gas stoves on every table which are easy to self-operate. The comfortable booths are made for the customary long chats that come with eating hotpot. 

The service at Jackpot Hotpot is refined, with team members introducing diners to the type of food served. Your meal experience feels guided. Those more comfortable with English conversation can feel assured too, as the staff are able to chat. 

Enjoy traditional Macau cuisine

Jackpot Hotpot focuses on healthy options. You can choose from seven different flavours of broth to boil your raw ingredients in. This includes chicken, duck, and even lobster broth! Better yet, the broth is made in the kitchen, carefully simmered by the chef beforehand. In a unique way, the staff will actually serve you the soup first, before any ingredients are placed in the bubbling cauldron. The soup is delicious and definitely merits its own mention.

If you enjoy traditional Macau cuisine, or in fact Chinese cuisine in general, you’ll appreciate dining in Jackpot Hotpot. The restaurant set-up is so photogenic, you feel like you’re eating in the local streets. A delicious inclusion is the condiment tray, which contains premium mixes such as XO sauce. Better-yet, this tray is refillable. Ice-cream is also served at the end of the meal.

Looking for food in Darling Square?

The food is not cheap. It’s not ultra-expensive either. You can expect to feel satisfied with around $45 per person, a price similar to what you’d get at a yumcha restaurant in Sydney. The worth comes not in the quantity of food served, but in the presentation, taste, and general restaurant experience. Diners feel a bespoke ease in Jackpot Hotpot’s comfortable dining environment. Everything about the appearance is polished, from the gleaming gas stoves to the casino-themed tables. Our recommendation would be to call and ask for their special set menus. These include a balance of meat, vegetable and noodles for you to hotpot away.