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Discovering delightful Burmese food in Sydney

If you’re looking for authentic and unique cuisine, look no further than Blacktown for delightful Burmese food in Sydney. That’s with the pun intended, as Blacktown is quite far from Sydney’s CBD. Around 34 kilometres to the west to be more exact. However, a desire to discover south-east Asian food is all you need to appreciate the popular Burmese eatery that is Sun’s Burmese KitchenGarry, a Tastyfoodpixels foodie, journeyed to the west.

Popular Burmese Eatery

Food in Western Sydney is plentiful, with delicious choices everywhere if you’re looking to try a new Asian restaurant. While you drive into Blacktown, you may see many cars turning into a discreet carpark on Tulloch Street. Cast away your suspicions, they are not about to start a Fast and Furious drag race, but we wouldn’t rule out that the passengers aren’t able to race somewhere. That somewhere would be Sun’s Burmese Kitchen, and the why could be one of many reasons.

Meal in Blacktown

Let’s start with the authenticity of the food. The tea leaf salad is as representative a dish as you could get of the country now known as Myanmar. It’s sold in jars at the restaurant, which speaks to the popularity of the dish amongst the locals. We bought some and tried it later, it was a delicious combination of crunchy, tangy and a little spicy. 

We had arrived with full awareness of its status as a popular Burmese restaurant in Sydney. We soon understood why as the dishes crowded our table. The Fried Shimps & Onion was ordered without hesitation, and devoured with no less enthusiasm. It was heavily battered but indulgently tasty, especially after being dipped in tangy sauce. The Goat Meat Curry was a sumptious accompaniment to rice, with aromatic flavours lingering even after swallowing each mouthful. The Mohinga was the most unique. Made from a thick fish broth, it featured rice noodles, egg, beans and a medley of other vegtables. The taste was deeper than typical noodle soups such as pho, and we discovered that the contributor was the use of banana stem as an ingredient. The Mohinga is more of a unique taste, we should note.

The highlight of the meal was in fact a bowl of crispy shimp relish that I addictively sprinkled over each spoon of rice. For those that love the Chinese topping staple Lau Gan Ma, this shrimp relish is its equal in crunchy and savoury flavour. I couldn’t help it, my spoon kept shovelling the relish in my mouth even when there was neither rice nor dish left.

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The earlier question of why one would drive all the way to have a meal in Blacktown is answered by this restaurant’s friendliness. Adorning the walls of Sun’s Burmese Kitchen are gentle pictures illustrating Myanmar’s vibrant past and present. These pictures tell a story of community in the context of the country’s sprawling natural wonders. We saw the vast green landscape, the stoic gaze of local villagers, the awe-inspiring architectural structures … Whilst appreciating the food, you also appreciate the cuisine’s origins, in the quietly majestic towns of Myanmar

The staff are warm and welcoming, and eating at the restaurant felt like eating at an extended family member’s home. The table next to ours echoed the fond laughter of parents as babies gurgled and mischievously played around. We topped our meal off with an authentic drink from the menu’s plentiful selection. 

Sun’s Burmese Kitchen is a good choice for an exploration of authentic Asian food in Blacktown.

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