Remicone ice cream with pearls

Soft serve ice cream with bubbles at Regent Place’s Remicone

In search of places to go after dinner in Sydney’s bustling Town Hall area, Garry was in luck when he came across a place serving creative desserts. How creative, you may ask. Have you seen soft serve ice cream with bubbles before? Garry hadn’t before he arrived. Remicone is a new(er) addition to your list of must-visits for ice cream in Sydney. Their cups are colourful not just in look, but in taste. They’re located in the well-known Regent Place shopping arcade, just a 1-min walk from Town Hall station.

Finding unique ice cream

If your criteria for good dessert solely rests on presentation, then Remicone impresses in that category. Their ice cream cups are carefully sculpted, with toppings of different shapes and sizes garnished on top. We spent our first few minutes transfixed not by the words on the ordering menu, but by the vibrancy of dessert designs on display.

The unique aspect of Remicone is in its use of ice cream in cups. The cups are typically filled with a smoothie of flavours decided upon by you, squeezed with a spiral of soft-serve ice cream, then topped with pearls, oreo, fruit and other goodies.

Looking for dessert in Sydney city

If you’re around the Town Hall area, there is no shortage of potential choices. What makes Remicone an enticing visit is its young and energetic vibe. When walking into its small storefront in Regent place, it felt like a creative lab. The whiteness of the uniform and the walls, the minimalist interior decor, the slot which you could peek through at the back of the store; these all contributed to a curiosity of what tasty dessert experiments were they concocting?

Your list of dessert places in Town Hall

Adding to the young and hip vibe of Remicone is its highly Instagrammable store design. Cute quotes and pictures adorn the walls, enticing you to pull your phone out to snap the latest Reel. The dessert products are good-looking, with a healthy dose of pleasantly unusual mixtures. Have you ever seen pearls mixed with ice cream? Have you ever had ice cream floating on top of a smoothie of fruity goodness? I certainly found it difficult to decide if I should be eating the ice cream first or drinking the refreshing blend. Tough decision, I know.   

For dessert in Sydney city, there are many options. But if you’re looking for a place to impress your friends, Remicone serves unique ice cream in flavour combinations that tease and excite. 

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