The Goodsline bar in Pyrmont with tables

The Goodsline is Pyrmont’s haven for food and conversation

Sydney’s cafes are great. The coffee is aromatic, the food is delicious, and the vibes are usually quite easygoing. But in each cafe there always seems to be that little something missing. Whether it’s inconveniently early closing times, tightness of space, or lack of a power outlet to plug-in the essentials, it’s always a feeling of ‘almost there’The Goodsline, situated on the corner of Harris St and Bowman St in Pyrmont’s West, is the real deal. Coffee, check. All day dining, check. Alcoholic drinks, check. Impeccable customer service, check. Power outlet? Need we say more?

Turning industrial into chic

Jack Hanna, founder of The Goodsline, is no stranger to opening massive spaces of human connection. That may have sounded rather philosophical, until we tell you that it was The Grounds of Alexandria which he co-founded (back in 2012). The Grounds is now one of the most Instagrammed places in Australia, and sets an international standard for cafe culture. 

With his new venue, Jack has nurtured the original Goodsline (a freight railway) into a large cafe and bar. Walking in, the industrial origins of Pyrmont (a place of ports, docks and spirited workers) are immediately noticeable. The interior is fashioned in a retro style, with quaint artworks adorning the pillars and an elegant brass theme characterising The Goodsline in an old-fashioned architectural style. 

A hub for social and work

The Goodsline occupies a large warehouse space which opens up to a comfortable courtyard entrance. There is a lot of seating, with tables suited for individuals seeking working space, couples dropping by for brunch, to large celebratory groups. There are even indulgent lounge seats for you to read a book, or contemplate life. The ambience created is friendly and familiar, as conversation and classic songs pulse around the cafe. The counter serves coffee at the front, and alcoholic drinks at the back.

While his 2007 “World Latte Art Champion” title was earned more than a decade ago, Jack channels his mastery through The Goodsline coffee selection. Each is made with delicate attention and flavoured by skilled baristas. You only have to look at the gleaming coffee machines to realise the quality that is being brewed. Young, one of the baristas, embodies the ‘relaxed classy’ type of service which The Goodsline dedicates itself to.    

Food, drink & company until late

The food served at The Goodsline doesn’t belong to any cuisine particularly. You can find healthy soba noodles, indulgent steak sandwiches, decadent pastries, or even a mouth-watering dish of Crab Spaghettini. The extensive menu also includes dishes catered to your lifestyle preferences, with health-conscious options such as a Chia and Oat Bircher Bowl, to more indulgent options like Breakfast Ramen

The point is, The Goodsline doesn’t limit its menu to a particular cuisine, it offers a selection of tastes that entertains a diverse background of customers. It serves hearty food in a ‘Brasserie’-style environment. As Miles, one of the managers put it, The Goodsline serves food to encourage “Community, conversation and laughter”.

What characterises The Goodsline as one of the top cafes in Sydney is its dedication to building a hub for community and relaxed energy. When you walk in, you are always greeted by a staff member and treated as a familiar friend. The staff prioritise your comfort and enjoyment of the cafe’s atmosphere.

To make it more of a ‘home’ to its customers, The Goodsline goes the extra mile. If you would like to have a productive working session, power outlets are available in a few seating areas. If you want to lounge around with your friends, the venue is open until late. After all, the selection of cocktails, liquor and wine at the bar is waiting to be tasted.