Umami Dojo Kitchen in action

Umami Dojo creates its Ramen with a Cold Drip Coffee Maker

It wouldn’t be difficult to walk past this place without realising that it’s a restaurant. Its exterior is modest and minimalist, with a sleek golden plaque subtly speaking its presence. Umami Dojo Ramen Bar is owned by a savvy Japanese couple called Keiji and Yumiko Mizuno.

Japanese food in Pyrmont

The first thought toward Japanese food in this area may be Sokyothe elegant and dimly lit establishment at The Darling Hotel in The Star. But Japanese food does not need to come at an
eye-popping cost. Walk a little further and you’ll find Umami Dojo snugly tucked in the quiet-end of Harris St. It’s not an obvious entrance though, so keep an eye out for the picture we’ve included above.

Walking in, you’ll notice that the interior is effortlessly comfortable. There is no marble decor or sleek finishings. But you’ll feel that you’ve walked into a familiar home. Keiji Mizuno, the ramen chef, is a former IT engineer who dropped his corporate job to pursue a dream in the culinary world. Asked about how the ramen at Umami Dojo was conceived, he enthusiastically answered: “Through lots of testing and tasting in my own home”. Yumiko Mizuno is Keiji’s wife and energetic host of the restaurant. Never failing to smile at a guest, she bustles around serving tables and helping Keiji behind the counter. 

Date night ideas in Sydney

With its relaxing jazz music playing in the background and its serving of home-created ramen,  Umami Dojo should make it onto your list of date night ideas in Sydney. The menu is not
complicated, you simply order via Mr Yum. The selection of food is not plentiful, but rather focussed on the dishes that Keiji and Yumiko love making.

Strolling to the counter, the row of cold-drip coffee makers are what grabs your attention. Glowing with a fluorescent pink colour, the row of cold drip machines have been re-purposed to make tasty ramen broths. Keiji Mizuno lives true to his IT roots, using technology to transform. The ramen is not your typical fatty broth. It is less thick, and is enriched with bonito (fish) or sardine flavour. In fact, this is the speciality of Umami Dojo, creating broth using dashi (dried fish flakes)The usage of coffee to siphon out the flavour is truly unique!

There aren’t too many ramen choices (three in fact), but this doesn’t stop the restaurant from being quite busy during dinner time. The presentation of the ramen is elegant, and the noodle texture has the right combination of chewiness and thickness.

Dinner near The Star casino Sydney

The easiest transportation option is from John Street Square. The restaurant is literally a 1-minute walk from this light-rail station. From The Star, it would be roughly 5-minutes to walk. An idea for post-dinner would be to stroll around the calm surrounds of Piramma Park, soaking in the still water and peaceful grassy areas. If you’re keen for some more riveting entertainment after, then yes. Gambling is an option.