Shinmachi Artisan food newtown sydney

Artisan Japanese food in Newtown

Food is made via a process of creation, and Shinmachi’s artisan food strives to delight your taste buds and imagination. When you’re looking for dinner options in Newtown, there is a clear choice when it comes to trying Japanese fusion dishes. Shinmachi is only a 5-min walk from Newtown train station, and serves up creative Asian cooking. The hipster vibe, professional chefs and welcoming atmosphere make this restaurant an attraction for the local and wider community. 

Shinmachi Artisan food newtown sydney

Japanese fusion dishes to fuel your imagination

With the multicultural aspect of Sydney’s dining scene in context, many people are aware of tonkotsu or miso flavours already. Typically, these would feature in the ramen broth accompanying delicious bites of noodle. Shinmachi’s injection of an artisan aspect to its Japanese food is what stands this restaurant apart.

Shinmachi’s professional chefs treat each dish as a creative cooking process. That’s why you’ll find dishes like the Hokkaido Scallop and Burnt Corn Ramen and Annin Tofu Pudding featured on their vibrant menu. Chef Gabriel, who trained under former Iron Chef participant, Rokusaburo Michiba, focuses on serving dishes which look and taste beautiful.

An emphasis on professional and creative Asian cooking

With words like “professional chefs” and “artisan food” in our article, you may think that this Japanese restaurant is only for refined occasions and smart dress-codes. On the contrary, Shinmachi is a space for everyone. From the moment you walk in through its subtle entrance in an off-shoot of King Street, you notice the friendliness of the interior decor, hand-written notices and smiling staff.

There are tables catered to groups of all sizes. You can bring your partner and intimately chat in a two-person seating arrangement in a more secluded part, or bring a group of friends and enjoy Japanese fusion dishes in one of the booths. 

Artisan Japanese Food Newtown Shinmachi

Looking for Asian vegetarian restaurant options?

Shinmachi reflects its welcoming attitude to all diners, and vegetarian preferences are catered for. In fact, the artisan theme is highlighted in several of Shinmachi’s dishes. There are rice and ramen dishes which come with vegetarian meat. The scallop ramen illustrates this satisfyingly. The ‘scallop’, which was in fact a mushroom, was a delightful imitation of the real thing in texture.

If you’re looking to eat dinner in Newtown, consider Shinmachi for its creative Asian cooking, welcoming atmosphere and professional culinary dedication.