Durian in Sydney - Dessert Options

Durian Sydney – A Tale of Three Desserts

The Durian Season is an annual recurrence taking place between June to August. Since international travel is now restricted I decided to try out some of durian delicacy options available in Sydney.

Durian in Sydney - Dessert Options
Some delicious durian dessert options in Sydney

1. Fresh Durian Sydney – Hanabi Frozen Durian

First up are the frozen durian fruit packs by Hanabi. I picked these up at Thai Kee IGA at Haymarket. Although my favourite is the Musang King I still bought a D24 pack for comparison.

The durian is vacuum sealed for good reason as my fridge still smells of durian after everything was consumed!. I didn’t mind the smell at all but I’m not so sure about my housemate.


Highly recommended if you’re missing durian as this is as close as you will get to the real thing. Although both varieties were very tasty the Musang King Durian was the clear winner.

Musang King Durian Sydney Hanabi
Musang King Durian in Sydney by Hanabi

Thai Kee IGA Sydney

You can get these Durian packs at many places in Sydney but I got mine at Thai Kee IGA

Thai Kee IGA Location – 9-13 Hay St., Haymarket NSW 2000

2. Durian Mooncake Sydney – Jim’s Malaysia’s twist on a traditional favourite

Mooncake (月饼, yuebing) is a traditional Chinese dessert typically eaten annually during the Mid-Autumn/Mooncake festival.  Jim’s Malaysia’s durian mooncake uses fresh Musang King in the pastry’s filling.

Since this combined two of my favourite foods this mooncake became a must try on my list.

Texture wise the mooncake was pretty much what was to be expected of a snowskin (冰皮) mooncake. The fresh durian filling also emanated a familiar smell as I sliced into it.

Whilst I was a bit underwhelmed by the serving size the mooncake scored well in the taste department. If you enjoy durian and are looking for traditional mooncake alternatives then this is definitely worth a try.

Durian Mooncake Sydney
Jim's Malaysia Charcoal Musang King Durian Mooncake
malaysia durian mooncake sydney
The mooncake's filling consists of fresh musang king pulp

Durian Mooncake Delivery Sydney

You can place an order by sending them a message on their Facebook page . They offer a variety of mooncakes including the traditional version.  All orders are available for pickup at any of their 5 locations across Sydney

3. Durian Dessert Sydney – Duo Duo Durian Ice Cream

Duo Duo Ice Cream specialises in creative flavor combinations that often push the envelope.

Since the theme is Durian I had to get the Durian Flavour Ice Cream.

The ice cream scores points for flavour. Additionally it’s a good option if you’re sharing your living space with someone who may not appreciate durian smells.

duo duo durian ice cream sydney
The Duo Duo Durian Ice Cream in Sydney

Durian Dessert Delivery Sydney

Duo Duo Ice Cream delivers straight to your door. You can choose from their variety of flavours on their website with free deliveries over $60.

Additional Recommendations: Enjoy all the above with a huge bottle of water and mints

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